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Stephen on BBC Radio 3's Sound of Cinema

 BBC Radio 3's Sound of Cinema interview with composer Stephen Baysted.

Stephen was a special guest on a special edition of BBC Radio 3's Sound of Cinema programme recently.  Recorded at The V7A museum in London, this special edition explored video game music and  Stephen was there to provide expert analysis on developing modern gaming music.

To listen to the show click here: BBC Radio 3 - Sound of Cinema, Video Game Music

More information about the show: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3xSr5yN0hP7DD7Zm3vm2GPN/why-are-video-game-soundtracks-at-the-frontier-of-new-music


Tut's Treasures: New Secrets of the Warrior King

 Tut's Treasures: New Secrets of the Warrior King. Saturday 24th March at 9pm on Channel 6 | Original soundtrack by Stephen Baysted

Towards the end of last year, Stephen composed the music for this important new series (3 x 60) for Blink Films and Channel 5 which explores some of the many thousands of spectacular treasures found in Tutankhamen's tomb.  Now, for the first time since they were discovered over 95 years ago, all 5,398 treasures are being brought all together in a new $1bn museum.


Stephen scores BBC2's brand new six part series: Tom Kerridge: Lose Weight for Good

 Tom Kerridge: Lose Weight for Good | Original soundtrack by Stephen Baysted

Stephen wrote the music for this brand new six part series for BBC 2 in which celebrity Michelin starred chef Tom Kerridge mentors a group of people to help them lose weight for good. Innovative recipes and lifestyle changes are mixed with heartfelt, moving and inspiring stories. 


Project Cars 2 nominated for a Golden Joystick Award

 2017 Golden Joystick Awards  | Project Cars 2: Original soundtrack by Stephen Baysted

Stephen is delighted to announce that Project Cars 2 has been nominated for Best Audio in the prestigious 2017 Golden Joystick Awards.


Project Cars soundtrack released

The soundtrack to Project Cars has been released on the Red Rocca label and available to download from iTunes: Project Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Stephen Baysted on Apple Music, Amazon: Project Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack) and all digital retail outlets. The soundtrack features all the music from the game plus several bonus tracks.

"Project Cars 2 (Original Soundtrack) by Stephen Baysted on Apple Music". Listen to songs from the album Project Cars 2 (Original Soundtrac), including "Eau Rouge"


Discovery Shark Week

 "Shark-Crock Showdown" Score by Stephen Baysted

Stephen recently scored this fascinating documentary, produced by Big Wave Productions, which was broadcast as part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week season. Shark-Croc Showdown’ goes in search of a lost world of sharks in Australia’s remote Garig Gunak Barlu National Park, 170 miles NE of Darwin. Here Dr. Mark Meekan from the Australian Institute of Marine Science counts shark species for the Global Fin Print project. It’s part of a worldwide effort to assess the health of the world’s sharks. He’s joined by conservationist Paul De Gelder, and crocodile experts, Adam & Erin Britton to investigate reports of crocs and sharks going head to head in Australia’s remote Northern Territory.


Volatile Earth: Killer Volcanoes, Killer Floods and Killer Hurricanes

Stephen teamed up with Blink Films once again to provide a suitably dramatic and powerful score to this 3 x 60 documentary series for Channel 4 and NOVA. Volatile Earth explores the science behind the most devastating and dangerous of natural phenomena. Scientists who are experts in natural disasters identify the most extreme catastrophes to have hit the Earth and piece together exactly what happened from the evidence left in their wake.

"Volatile Earth: Killer Volcanoes, Killer Floods and Killer Hurricanes" score by Stephen Baysted


Stephen is at Air Studios recording the score to Project Cars 2

This week Stephen is at Air Lyndhurst Studios in London recording the score to the hotly anticipated AAA racing game Project Cars 2.  The score provides an emotionally charged and powerfully epic backdrop to one of the most authentic racing simulations ever made.  Orchestral forces from The London Metropolitan Orchestra which included 40 strings, 19 brass and an array of epic percussion, combined with vocal performances from mezzo soprano Susan Legg, electric and acoustic guitars, piano, and electronic instruments.  The score is being recorded and mixed by Jake Jackson.  Project Cars 2 is developed by Slightly Mad Studios and is due for worldwide release on 22nd September of this year.


Stephen Baysted recording Project Cars 2 at Air Studios


Stephen works on Mass Effect: Andromeda launch trailer

 Mass Effect: Andromeda | "Human" Score by Stephen Baysted
MASS EFFECT™: ANDROMEDA – Official Launch Trailer

Stephen recently worked on Electronic Arts' Mass Effect launch trailer with Charles Deenen from Source Sound Inc.  Stephen provided the orchestral arrangements for Rag n' Bone Man's 'Human' which was used in the trailer.


Red Bull Air Race: The game is released

Slightly Mad Studios, Wing Racer’s and Red Bull have launched Red Bull Air Race: The game.  The game available now for PC is a painstakingly accurate simulation of the fastest motorsport series in the world.  Race at all of the real world locations including Budapest, Chiba, and Spielberg and a range of superb fantasy tracks from The Grand Canyon to Uluru (Ayres Rock).  Stephen composed the music for the game and directed the audio presentation.


Red Bull Air Race | Stephen Baysted


I, Claude Monet screens in cinemas from February 21st

I, Claude Monet by renowned director Phil Grabsky, is a detailed biopic of one of the most significant artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and is released in cinemas worldwide from Tuesday 21 February.  Shot on location in Paris, London, Normandy, and Venice, the film traces Monet’s troubled artistic and personal life from his childhood in Le Havre using his letters and other private writings through his turbulent poverty-stricken period in Argentueil to more prosperous times at Giverny where, eventually, his work would be celebrated and his legacy assured.  Narrated by multiple Olivier award-winning Henry Goodman I, Claude Monet brings new insight into the artist’s battle with depression, his bouts of loneliness and self-doubt, and his struggle to reconcile his perception of the world with what he was able to reproduce on the canvas.


I, Claude Monet. 


Stephen at Air Studios recording the Red Bull Air Race Score

8 Horns playing the Red Bull Air Race Score | Stephen Baysted

Last week Stephen was at the world famous Lyndhurst Hall at Air Studios in London recording and mixing the score to Red Bull Air Race: The Game, which is released later this year.  The uplifting and epic thematic score features a huge brass section played by some of the very finest players in London.  Stephen worked closely with Andy Brown, Director of the renowned London Metropolitan Orchestra, and a soundtrack album will be released during the summer by Accorder Music.


Renoir: Revered and Reviled soundtrack is released and is nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Award

Stephen’s historically and stylistically accurate score to Phil Grabsky’s feature documentary – Renoir: Revealed and Reviled – has been nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Award for best music in a documentary and is now available for purchase from iTunes
Amazon: Renoir: Revered and Reviled (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Google Play


Stephen completes Graveyard of the Giant Beasts for Channel 4

Graveyard of the Giant Beasts for Channel 4 score | Stephen Baysted

Stephen has recently put the finishing touches to Channel 4’s forthcoming hour long documentary: Graveyard of the Giant Beasts.  This ground breaking programme produced by Blink Films, follows a group of palaeontologists and biologists in Cerrejon, Columbia, as they uncover a post Dinosaur world in which a giant Boa Constrictor vies for supremacy with a gargantuan Crocodile.


Ca’ the Yowes is released

The track that featured on Slightly Mad Studio’s recent trailer has now been recorded and released as a single. Stephen recorded and mixed the music at Air-Edel Studios in London and it features stellar performances by a host of top musicians including Susan Legg (voice and piano), Gill Tingay (Harp), Roger Huth (Highland Pipes), and Ralph de Souza and Tom Kemp (violin). The music can be purchased from iTunes, Amazon and Google.


Ancient Mysteries

Ancient Mysteries

Stephen has recently completed the score to this exciting 6 part TV documentary series for Channel 5 and Smithsonian. Produced by Blink Films in London, this landmark series explores unsolved mysteries from the ancient world including the Holy Grail, King Tutankhamen's tomb, Atlantis and The Copper Scroll.


2015 Jerry Goldsmith Awards: Stephen receives two nominations

Jerry Goldsmith Awards: X Edición.

Stephen is delighted to be able to announce that he has been nominated for 'Best Original Score for Documentary' and 'Best Original Score for a Video Game' at the 2015 Jerry Goldsmith Awards.

Stephen received the nomination for his scores for Phil Grabsky's documentary "The Impressionists: And The Man Who Made Them” and Slightly Mad Studios' AAA game "Project Cars".    

The Jerry Goldsmith Awards are given annually as part of the international Film Music Festival ‘Province of Cordoba.’ For a full list of nominations please click here.

On the soundtrack to The Impressionists, Garrett Tiedmann of YourClassical writes: “Working from an understanding of the period, Baysted has carefully crafted a score not only in keeping with classical compositions of the time, but often built upon their foundations: taking key parts of pieces and reimagining them for the film.” See more of his interview with Stephen Baysted here.



Project Cars Soundtrack is now released

Project Cars

The eagerly awaited soundtrack to Slightly Mad Studios' number one best selling game Project Cars has been released on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.   

Stephen commented, "Like all authentic racing simulation titles, there is no music during gameplay; car engines always take precedence. My job as composer is to try to enhance the player’s sense of immersion in this world of racing and deepen their emotional and psychological responses to it by ‘preparing’ them for the race. The music in the menu system is therefore dramatic, gripping, epic, gladiatorial and is infused with race day sounds - cars, crowds, tannoys - so that it links directly to the sound world they will be exposed to whilst racing. It tries to get inside the head of the racing driver and represent the range of emotions they feel - fear, excitement, nerves, adrenaline pumping, and danger. Imagine what it is like driving at Le Mans at 330 kph in the dark as you slice your way through traffic! As a result, it’s a varied score and reflects many facets of motorsport."

Recorded and mixed by Nick Taylor (Thor, Mr Turner, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) at Air-Edel Studios in London in November last year, Principal Vocal performances are by Susan Legg whose opera engagements have included Bayreuth, Glyndebourne, Wexford, and Ischia with additional vocal performance on "Ferrari" by Louise Walsh who sang the lead role in Phantom Of The Opera in London and whose operatic engagements included Royal Opera House, La Monnaie in Brussels, and StaatsOper Stuttgart.

Jonathan Plowright re-recorded the piano solo for the Liszt/Beethoven Symphony 7 which we used in the Gamescom Trailer in 2014.  Jonathan was described by Gramophone Magazine as 'one of the finest living pianists’ and is currently recording the definitive Brahms Piano works for Bis records.

Drums were played by Chris Blackwell. Chris played drums on two world tours with ex Led Zeppelin vocalist Robert Plant with whom he recorded several albums; Now & Zen, Manic Nirvana, Knebworth (the Live album), Fate Of Nations, Sixty Six to Timbuktu and the 2006 boxed set entitled Nine Lives. From these Platinum selling albums came many worldwide hits co-written by Chris, including Tie Dye On The Highway, Watching You, and a Grammy-nomination for Calling To You.

John J Harvey played guitar and co-composed the track "Green, Green, Green". John J Harvey’s credits include Ripper Street (additional composition) and The Walking Dead: Assault (co-composer).  

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/project-cars-original-soundtrack/id1008677481

Amazon: http://t.co/lwDoD5hnLY

Google PLAY: http://t.co/301greBa9b



The soundtrack to "The Impressionists and the Man Who Made Them" is now released

The Soundtrack to this critically acclaimed film is now available to purchase on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.  Featuring stellar performances by mezzo soprano and pianist Susan Legg, soprano Louise Walsh and one of Britain's finest pianists Jonathan Plowright, the soundtrack takes the listener through the sound world of the Impressionist period with the masterworks of Debussy and Faure and new work in the French 19th century idiom.

iTunes: The Impressionists: And the Man Who Made Them (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Stephen Baysted

Amazon: The Impressionists: And the Man Who Made Them (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack): Stephen Baysted: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads

Google Play: The Impressionists: And the Man Who Made Them (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


The Impressionists: and the Man Who Made Them (2015) Soundtrack by Stephen Baysted 


Project Cars sells 1 million copies in the first month

Project Cars, the racing game that Stephen scored, has now broken through the 1 million sales barrier within its first month on sale. Slightly Mad Studios head Ian Bell celebrated the sales announcement by thanking the community for their feedback and enthusiasm. "To now stand here having reached over a million players in such a short time really justifies the work both the team and the community have done over the years and solidifies Project CARS’ future as the multiplatform racing experience of choice for fans around the world," he said.  A soundtrack album will be released in July.

Project CARS Sells Over 1 Million Copies - IGN

Project Cars -- Stephen Baysted, Composer



Project Cars is Number One game in the UK on all formats

Project Cars, which is garnering excellent reviews from the worldwide press, is the first racing simulation to top the charts in two years, since Codemasters' GRID 2 back in 2013. It's won out over other games including Grand Theft Auto, FIFA 15, Call of Duty and Halo. Stephen commented that 'the entire development team is proud of the massive achievement.'


Project Cars is the first motorsport simulation to top the UK chart since 2013. 


Stephen at Air-Edel recording the score to Tim Pope's film: Brandy and Pep

Stephen was at Air-Edel Recording Studios in London last week recording the score to Tim Pope's new film Brandy and Pep. Players from the London Metropolitan Orchestra performed Stephen's moving musical portrayal of two tragic sisters and their complex family history. This is Stephen's first collaboration with the celebrated director Tim Pope. The film is due to be released later this year.


Stephen Baysted at Air-Edel


Project Cars is released

Slightly Mad Studios' eagerly awaited AAA racing simulation Project Cars is released by Bandai Namco Entertainment on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 today.  Four years in the making and already garnering rave reviews, Project Cars features Stephen's dynamic and immersive music score as well as Stephen audio direction.  A soundtrack album is due to be released in July.

Project Cars -- Stephen Baysted, Composer



Matisse LIVE at the Tate and MoMA wins a Royal Television Society Award for Best Non Broadcast Production

Many congratulations to Phil Grabsky and the entire production team at Seventh Art Productions on a thoroughly well-deserved award from the RTS (Southern). Stephen, who composed music for Matisse LIVE last year, is absolutely delighted to have been a part of this superb feature documentary. 

 Royal Television Society


Completion of the score to Phil Grabsky's up coming feature film: The Impressionists

Stephen has just completed the score to Phil Grabsky's up coming feature film: The Impressionists. This unique film secured unparalleled access to a major new exhibition focussing on the man credited with inventing Impressionism as we know it: 19th century Parisian art collector Paul Durand-Ruel. This eagerly anticipated international exhibition is possibly the most comprehensive exploration of the Impressionists in history. The Impressionists will be screened nationwide in cinemas from 26th May.  http://exhibitiononscreen.com/the-impressionists

The Impressionists


Working on the Project Cars score at Air-Edel in London

This week Stephen has been working with Nick Taylor at Air-Edel studios in London putting the finishing touches to the score for the forthcoming AAA racing game Project Cars. Vocal performances by the wonderfully talented mezzo soprano Susan Legg are going to be recorded later in October.  

Sound board--Stephen Baysted 


Project Cars - Official Limited Edition Trailer

Stephen has just finished the music and sound design for the Project Cars Limited Edition trailer - you can watch it here (best viewed in HD). The trailer, which has appeared in worldwide gaming, industry and mainstream press, and will be screened during GamesCom shows off the incredible level of detail and realism that Slightly Mad Studios are bringing to Project Cars.

Project Cars--Stephen Baysted 


Stephen Interviewed by Designing Sound about his work on Project Cars

Stephen has been recently interviewed for the prestigious DesigningSound.Org website about his audio direction of AAA games such as Project Cars, World of Speed and Need for Speed.  The interview focuses on many of the central technical issues which encircle cutting sound design for games, and in particular for racing simulations.  You can read the article here.

Designing Sound: Art and technique of sound design




Matisse Live from the Tate Modern, in cinemas nationwide on 3rd June 2014 

Stephen worked with director and film maker Phil Grabsky of Seventh-Art Productions, composing the music for documentary sections of the 90 minute film.  The live broadcast will also feature performances from Courtney Pine and Royal Ballet principal dancer Zenaida Yanowsky, and is presented by Francine Stock and narrated by Rupert Young.  Matisse Live is the perfect opportunity to discover his final artistic triumph in fabulous HD detail on the big screen. Find out more about this exciting film and where to book tickets:



Stephen Baysted and "The Stig" Ben Collins at Air Studios, London



Stephen and the BBC's Top Gear Stig at Air Studios, London 

Stephen and The Stig a.k.a Ben Collins were at Air Studios in London last week recording voice over material for a forthcoming racing game: Project Cars.   Project Cars, which is due for release in November 2014, will feature Ben as the voice of the engineer.  Ben has drawn from his many years experience of racing at the very highest level to bring an unprecedented level of detail and authenticity to the game. www.projectcarsgame.com

Stephen Baysted and "The Stig" Ben Collins at Air Studios, London


Project Cars - first official trailer

Stephen has just finished the music and sound design for the first official Project Cars trailer - you can watch it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBLMscFP5ec  (best viewed in HD). The trailer, which has appeared in worldwide gaming, industry and mainstream press, shows off the incredible level of detail and realism that Slightly Mad Studios are bringing to Project Cars.  


Stephen has just completed the "World of Speed" score

Stephen has just completed the score for the forthcoming AAA Racing Game: World of Speed published by My.Com and developed by Slight Mad Studios Ltd. World of Speed is a massively multiplayer online action-racing game which introduces a new level of connected competition to the racing genre.World of Speed allows players to hop into the driver seat of their favourite cars and race across real world circuits and tracks carved from the streets of real world cities including London, Monaco and Moscow. World of Speed  is due for release later in 2014.


World of Speed game still


Stephen is at Air Studios in London

Stephen is at Air Studios in London this week recording and mixing the score for a forthcoming AAA game title due for release in the next few months.

Stephen Baysted at Air Studios in London


Stephen records with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios

Stephen spent a day at the historic 'Beatles' Studio 2 recording a new track, in collaboration with composer Darren Leigh Purkiss, for Audio Network on a forthcoming trailer music album.  The track is a powerful epic orchestral and choral work, and features a stunning solo vocal performance by mezzo soprano Susan Legg.


Stephen Baysted at Abbey Road Studios


Stephen joins the composer roster at Air-Edel Associates in London

Stephen is absolutely delighted to announce that he is now being represented by Air-Edel in London.  Established 40 years ago, Air-Edel is one of the world´s leading music companies, representing composers, arrangers, music editors and music supervisors world-wide. The company has offices based in LA and central London.  


Save Armstrong

Stephen provided additional music to an important campaign video for the Sumatran Orang-utan Society which highlights the desperate plight of these wonderful but critically endangered animals.  To find out more and watch the video narrated by comedian Bill Bailey follow this link: http://www.savearmstrong.com/why-is-this-important/


My Name is Georgina

Stephen has just completed the score to the short film My Name is Georgina directed by Michael Holley.  The film is about a girl from Africa called Georgina who is brought to England by a couple under false pretences and ends up their servant.  The film will feature in the Unchosen Film Festival and aims to raise awareness of human trafficking.


Striking the right Accorder

Stephen is delighted to announce that his music will be published by Accorder Music Publishing Ltd.  

Accorder Music is one of the UK’s leading specialist TV and Film music publishers and represents a roster of internationally acclaimed composers including Barrington Pheloung, Michael Plowman and Guy Michelmore. 



The Need for Speed in Utrecht

Stephen was invited to speak about his composition for Electronic Arts’ Shift 2: Unleashed game to the music faculty at the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.  Stephen discussed the complex compositional process, the unique hybrid score, and his collaboration with games industry legend Charles Deenen.



Audio Network - Number 1

‘Gothic Machina’, an orchestral dubstep trailer track, which appears on the album Urban Epic is number 1 today in Audio Network’s download chart.  The trailer album features exciting and innovative collaborations between Stephen, Darren Leigh-Purkiss and Chris Blackwell.



Stephen interviewed by Computer Music Magazine

Stephen was interviewed by Computer Music Magazine in a special print issue about composing for games, film and TV.  Along with Lorne Balfe, Chris Green and Dave Porter, Stephen was asked about his experiences at the sharp end of scoring to picture.



The Walking Dead is released

Stephen is delighted to announce that the latest installment in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead epic survival horror game series is released.  The Walking Dead: Assault, with a score by Stephen and John J Harvey, that The Washington Times described as ‘haunting’ and ‘cementing the somber mood perfectly’, has already been topping the charts on the iTunes App Store.


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